Travel companions from hell

Travel companions from hell

Choosing the right traveling companion may seem like an easy task, but when you get straight down to it, not everyone you feel is worthy of travel. Going lunch and movies with your best friend twice a month or playing the same softball team with someone every week does not necessarily make you compatible traveling companions.

Many friendships have been permanently injured due to differences in travel format. As a result, its important that you choose your traveling companion wisely. Some people can make a thoughtful travel experience for a vacation from hell. These are some companions who need to leave home if you want to enjoy your next vacation.

Now that you happen to be married to, live with or in connection with blood to any of the following persons, it is suggested that you take separate vacations. Oh and by the way, if you happen to fit into one of these categories yourself, you might want to find someone just like traveling with or simply traveling alone.

Avoid people who invite your trip and continue to tell where you go, when you go and what you live in. These types are so intrusive that they even have the trouble to invite other people without your approval. So your well-planned trip for two has now become an uncomfortable group of five and guess who gets stuck on the wheelchair in the triple room.

Stay away from people who have messy bathroom habits. Nothing is more annoying than entering the bathroom when your companion is ready and its an absolute mess. The floor is wet wet, theres hair everywhere and they have used all the bath towels to leave you with a face cloth to wipe off after taking a shower.

Keep clinging home. Traveling with someone who wants to spend every awake moment with you can be very stressful. They constantly ask where you go and tell them to wait for them when you try to sneak away. They interrupt your conversations with other people because they do not want to be omitted and embarrassed when you do not want to be close to them all the time.

Avoid people who are always on a schedule if you are not agendan. These people insist on setting times in advance when you are going to eat, when to take walks, when you are going down to the beach when you are going to get out of the sun and when you are going to breathe. Breathe out and leave them behind.

Avoid people whom you would call space barrels. They enter the room and immediately pack up and pick up the entire wardrobe, hangers, drawers and places to put on your shoes. They then enter the bathroom and pack all their toiletries and leave no room for you to put some of your items on the counter. When you comment that you need some space, apologize for them and give you two boots and a box to spend a week of clothes. As a result, you spend most of your holiday traveling on your suitcase.

Snoring companions can make your vacation in paradise a holiday in misery. Nothing is more annoying than listening to up and down breathing by someone who sneaks. It means you do not want to go to bed as you know it will be another sleepless night. In some cases, fighting through a hurricane, it may be less painful to share a room with a snore.

Companions that do not have money and mooch of you all the time can be very taxable. How comfortable is it that they forgot to bring more money with them or better yet, they spent all their money during the first two days of the holiday. This means that taxis, excursions, meals outside the property and the final hotel bill will be at your expense. Oh, what a joy!

Stay away from people who talk too much. Can anything drive you more crazy than a constant talking? Such people love to hear the sound of their own voice. They talk through the announcements on the airplane, the descriptions or instructions from the tour guide and most annoying, they speak while you try to read a book, listen to music or try to get some sleep.

Attendees who do not have respect for your privacy and time can be the most harmful to all. They do not think twice about inviting strangers back to the room without your approval. You decide to go to bed early for your roommate to get the audience from the bar back to the room when it closed to continue the party. They also do not like to include strangers at the table for meals and love to invite them to join all your excursions during the week.

Stay away from people who are depressed and want to spend all the time and encounter their miserable lives. These energy trends can really make a damn on your vacation. Comforting a scary friend challenges regularly, but doing it on a beautiful resort can be pure torture.

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